Top Highest Paid Sportsman In The World

With expensive cars, lavish lifestyles, and worldwide fame, the sports industry attracts younger players nowadays than ever. Let’s get to know how these sportsmen made millions, even after playing to empty seats and working for lesser pay. Go through the list below to get a brief about the ranking.

1-      Conor McGregor

Previously, the fighter was out of the MMA fighters list, but today he is no doubt the most popular fighter. He is a former UFC double-champion and professional in martial artist. It doesn’t matter even if Dustin Poirier knocked him out in the first UFC fight in January 2021 and the pandemic due to Covid-19, McGregor collected the massive amount of $23 million.

No doubt, Conor is a champion, but he is a business expert too and more than his 90% worth takes place from his whiskey business.

2-      Lionel Messi

One of the best footballers of all time, the star player of Barcelona gets a massive amount of paycheck that gets him on this list. He also earns with the sponsorships. There are various deals of sponsorships, but the lifetime ones include Ginny Hilfiger and Adidas. If compared to no.1, Messi’s income off-field is very less.

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3-      Cristiano Ronaldo

The great soccer player of all time, he came in headlines for becoming the world’s first person to get 500 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He also became the first player to receive 1 billion which got him at no. 4 on the list of richest soccer players in the world. About 50% of his total income comes from brands such as Nike and Tag Heuer.

4-      Dak Prescott

American’s footballer 95% income is from his on-field salary which makes him the highest-paid sportsman all over the world. Recently, a bonus of $66 million from a four-year contract extension of the player pushes the Cowboys Dallar star into the $100 million club. Recently, he announced investing in a restaurant chain in Texas.

5-      Roger Federer

This is not the first time he is coming in the list of top and richest sportsmen in the world. He even got his place on the list of Forbes top 10. Maximum of his income doesn’t only come from tennis, all thanks to its astonishing portfolio of endorsements with brands such as Mercedes, Rolex, and Wilson. The biggest prize he gets is from the apparel of Japanese brand Uniqlo.

6-      LeBron James

Almost getting an income of $98 million, Forbes ranked the player as highest paid in the world. Most of his income is coming from top brand endorsements like Pepsi, Sprite, and Nike. James even owns a Gulfstream G280 dual-engine business jet, all thanks to his endorsements from AT&T, Blaze Pizza, and various others from where he gets his paycheck.

These are the highest ones all over the world. If you have any queries on information on the list, do not forget to share in the comment section below.