Top Mysterious Places In The World That You Should Never Visit Alone


If you are someone who is fascinated by unexpected phenomena and mystical origins in the world, you are at the right place. Here you’ll get to know about mysterious places all over the world.

Don’t think much about the physical theories and aliens and go through the natural ones. The mysterious places on Earth will give you Goosebumps and you will be curious to visit them once. So, without wasting time, let’s unwrap it!

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1-    Area 51

The area shares some conspiracy theories, which comprises the stories of UFOs and Aliens. People even said that the government performed some kind of experiment here. Though, the government of the USA says that the area comes under an Air Force facility. The civilians are allowed to walk here but not inside it the area.

2-    Easter Islands

Thousands of giants statues and stone heads, standing alone and stranded with the long scenic path, draw major attention of people from all over the world. Each one of them weighs about 14 tons, and nobody has an idea about how they placed and reached here.

3-    The Georgia Guidestones

These gigantic stones are there for a reason but no person has any idea about who placed them and why. The Guidestones have engraved some instructions that the Mayan family made for people in a post-apocalyptic world. Some locals say that these are the stan monuments while others say they are crafted by the secret society of Luciferian. Therefore, it is known as a mysterious place all over the world.

4-    The Bermuda Triangle

You might have heard about it in various documentaries and movies. We can be sure that you or any of your loved ones will not be excited to visit here. It is a famous hotspot of all the last aircraft, ships, and vanished humans. It has been heard by many people that it’s the home of a huge sea monster, while others also say that it has powerful magnetic anomalies. But, no person knows about its mystery yet.

5-    Paris Catacombs

You won’t believe that the place famous for its art, café culture, and love would come out to be a mysterious place. Comprising of 7-8 million corpses, the tomb situated underground is connected with 1794 beheading.

6-    The Pyramids of Giza

These huge pyramids have always interested many people. They have always remained in question since they were found, and this is why they are known as one of the mysterious places on Earth. Don’t forget, each one of them is 455 ft. tall and is 4,000 years old.

7-    Door to Hell

The most strange place on Earth, it was opened 80 years ago and you will still see that it’s burning. It glows at night that the light can even be seen from miles at night. It is known to be a conspiracy by the Russian natural gas agency so that the natural gases can be protected.

If you have been through any of these places, it’s thrilling. What can be better than exploring more?