Two Egyptian Police Shot Dead In Cairo

According to latest reports from Reuters News Agency two Egyptian policemen who were guarding a Coptic Christian church in a city south of Cairo were shot dead. Witnesses said masked gunmen shot and killed the policemen and both the police officers died instantly after being shot. The website of Egypt's flagship Al-Ahram newspaper also reported the two deaths.

With the rise of Islamic terror in Egypt the threat to minorities has only increased in the last two years. The Egypt’s Coptic Christmas falls on Wednesday this year and security is typically tightened at churches ahead of the holiday. Coptic Church has been in existence in Egypt for 1900 years and has a sizeable population which makes up to 10 percent of the population of 85 million. The community has largely coexisted peacefully with the majority Sunni Muslims for centuries.

Ever since the revolution and the ouster of Egyptian military ruler Hosni Mubarak back in 2011 and then the advent of the Muslim Brotherhood led by former President Mohamed Mursi in July 2013, a number of churches and Christian properties were burned and destroyed in the impoverished south that is home to many Christians.

But the charge destruction of church property by the Brotherhood has been denied by them and they said at the time it had nothing to do with attacks on Christians and accused the army