U.S rejects Pakistan’s demand to mediate Indus Waters Treaty

According to latest from Times of India the United States does not want to mediate on the Indus Waters dispute. Washington has urged India and Pakistan to work bilaterally to solve the issue, contrary to what the Pakistani media reported yesterday. This is a major embarrassment for Pakistan because over the years it had unsuccessfully tried to make America mediate on many issues for its interest. At a daily press briefing today State Department spokesman John Kirby said "As I said, we encourage India and Pakistan to work together bilaterally to resolve their differences".

John Kirby further said "The Indus Waters Treaty has served, I think as you know, as a model for peaceful cooperation between India and Pakistan for now 50 years. We encourage, as we have in the past, India and Pakistan to work together to resolve any differences." The Indus water treaty was signed between India and Pakistan on the bases that it will be helpful in improving the agrarian economy of Pakistan, improve bilateral ties and peaceful coexistence of both nations.

However in less than four years India was attacked in 1965 over the Kashmir issue. The Indus water reaty is a water distribution agreement signed between India and Pakistan in 1960. It was brokered by the World Bank and heavily in favor of Pakistan.