U.S Secretary of State John Kerry Writes to NSG members to support India's bid

According to latest reports from Press Trust of India (PTI) U.S Secretary of State John Kerry has written to apprehensive members Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) to support India's bid to get into the elite grouping. State Department Spokesman John Kirby said "The United States calls on Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) participating governments to support India's application when it comes up at the NSG plenary, which I think is next week."

For over a year India had led a very positive foreign policy to get approval of most of the member state who are in the NSG and it got further boost and affirmation when President Barack Obama throw the support of his administration behind India when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited U.S couple of weeks ago. The only major obstacle is China who is adamant on not letting India get into NSG. China’s only concern is India is not a signatory Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and it also wants Pakistan get a seat in the table which almost the rest of the members oppose because of its marred history when it comes to stealing and selling nuclear secrets to rogue nations like North Korea and Libya.

It’s not going to be easy for India to secure membership because the NSG works under the principle of unanimity and all it will take is for one nation in the group to vote against India which will effectively end its bid. It is crucial India gets into NSG because it looks after critical issues relating to nuclear sector and its members are allowed to trade in and export nuclear technology which is a must for India to take care of its growing energy needs.