U.S tells Pakistan, Do not Plan terror attacks against India from its Territory

According to latest reports from PTI, U.S State Department have made it very clear to Pakistan, under no circumstances can its territory be used to carry out acts of terror attacks against India. State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said "This is one of the steps that the US is encouraging Pakistan to do for the improvement of its relations with India." He further added "We believe that Pakistan and India stand to benefit from practical cooperation and encourage direct dialogue aimed at increasing cooperation and reducing tensions," "and that includes steps by Pakistan to ensure that its territory is not used to plan attacks in India and that Pakistan takes steps to address or to go after, I think, all the terrorist groups that are currently using its territory."

This statement was issued right after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech to the joint session of Congress, called Pakistan an “Incubator of global terrorism.” On being asked what core topics/subjects PM Modi and President Obama discussed and to what level was the discussion about Pakistan’s incessant support of terrorism against India using non state actors Mr. Mark Toner said "Certainly that was one of the discussions, frankly, that was raised at the - or one of the issues, frankly, that was raised in discussions with Prime Minister Modi. They talked about a wide range of regional issues, in fact," he said.

"Our bilateral relations with India and Pakistan are separate and stand on their own merits, and so I don't think we - it's not prudent for us to view our security cooperation in the region in kind of a zero-sum game - or zero-sum terms, rather.”I think it's important for the countries of the region that they all have constructive security relationships with each other. And that's Pakistan, that's India, and it's also Afghanistan." All in all this has not been a very good week for Pakistan on the diplomatic front since important members of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) like U.S most of the NATO allies and Mexico have supported India’a entry into this group barring China which sees India as its rival in Asia.