The National Security Agency (NSA) which is responsible for intercepting all electronic communication across the globe has built its own secret "Google-like" search engine for about two dozen government agencies to search information through more than 850 billion communications records, including phone calls, emails and internet chats, according to Press Trust of India.

Christened 'ICREACH' the search engine REACH contains information on the private communications of foreigners and, also electronic information of millions of American citizens for any number of reasons. The NSA is the biggest spy agency in America and gets the maximum share of funding.

The search tool was designed to be the largest system for sharing secret surveillance records in the U.S internally. The ICREACH project is capable of handling between two to five billion new records every day, including more than 30 different kinds of metadata on emails, phone calls, faxes, internet chats, and text messages. Also it is capable of location information collected from cell phones.

The Director of National Intelligence acknowledged the existence of this search engine, and said "a pillar of the post-9/11 intelligence community" as part of an effort to prevent valuable intelligence from being "stove-piped in any single office or agency."