Russia and America have decided to share intelligence to combat the threat of ISIS according to Times of India.

With Russia removing troops from the Ukrainian border and easing tension with its neighbor somewhat, it is quite possible that the idea of ISIS becoming a threat to Russia is eminent and it seems like a very wise decision for both Russia and the US to share intelligence. US Secretary of State John Kerry said “I suggested to Foreign Minister Lavrov that we intensify intelligence cooperation with respect to ISIL and other counter-terrorism challenges of the region and we agreed to do so."

The IS is known by different names, however the threat from them is looming quite large over lot of countries and many of its fighters are from Central Asia  and the Caucasus which makes Russia a prime target. Russia already faces terror attacks from the Chechen separatist.

Secretary of State John Kerry further said "The foreign minister (Sargay Lavrov) indeed acknowledged their preparedness to help with respect to arms, weapons, they are doing that now, they already have provided some, and also potentially with the training and advising aspects." Mr. Kerry also said that “ISIL has absolutely no place in the 21st century" and No decent country by any definition can support the horrors perpetrated by ISIL. And no civilized country should shirk its responsibility to stand up and be part of the effort to stamp out this disease."

This is a very delicate arrangement between both nations because historically both have not been very forthcoming when it comes to sharing sensitive and crucial intelligence information. But this time the threat is mutual and if both parties keep their word, this could go a long way in combating the threat of ISIS.