Use Force now Legal President Obamafight isis

The United States Senate passed a bill which gives authorization of the use of force against ISIS or Daesh according to latest report from Press Trust of India. The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) bill allows the president to use military force against ISIS for up to three years. Senator Robert Menendez said “But (it) limits the activities of US Armed Forces from participating in ground combat operations except in defined circumstances.” Senator Menendez further said “We stand resolved to defeat ISIS.”

Though this bill gives the President power to wage more concentrated operations against the Daesh it also precludes the President from sending ground forces which could be an impediment. But if we look at History this could be very well be a prelude to more ground operations in the future. The idea of sending troops to Iraq and Syria is still not popular among the people of America but in many occasion at a later date they have been persuaded. This should certainly give President Barack Obama more rope to create and formulate better plan to counter ISIS